Moving forward like the clocks this past Sunday morning, the market is soon to be SPRINGING FORWARD~!

Like the tension in a metal spring, the lack of inventory for sale has been holding the market back this year.

Most potential sellers think waiting until Spring is the best thing they can do and most years, they would have been right.

The demand of buyers comes seasonally most of the time.   Winter is usually the slow season and springs and summer the fast season.


Buyer demand has remained steady and mortgage rates are still near historic lows.   Even with the rates forecasted to raise in 2019, buyers can still lock in low monthly payments.

According tot the National Association of Realtors (NAR) who recently reported that in 2018 the "TOP 10 TIMES" sellers listed their homes all fell in April, May, or June.

Sellers who act quickly and list now, before all the competition will benefit from additional exposure to buyers.

The Bottom Line is

If you are planning on selling your home this year, meet with me, your local real estate professional and I can evaluate the opportunities in our market.

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