The wife and I were out and about on this lovely Sunday afternoon.   I wanted to take her out for lunch, so we were headed to the Mexican restaurant in Crump, TN, but when we got there, it was PACKED~!@ The after church crowd was in effect~!   So we decided to try somewhere new, so we stopped at Gyros Place on the corner by the red light, at the Crump, TN Flea Market.  The gyros place is called CHICAGO STYLE - CRUMP, look them up on Facebook.

I am originally from South Florida and frequently went to a place called Miami Subs for their Gyros on a Pita Bread. . TOTALLY AWESOME~!

When we went to the counter at Chicago Style, we were greeted by Amy, who was extremely helpful and well versed in the restaurants best features.   After discussing the menu with Amy, we decided to both get a Gyros with No Onions, fries and a coke.    it took about 5-10 mins but was served hot and fresh and I have to say, the Gyros was pretty darn good~!   Nice picnic tables, clean area and friendly service make this a great place to visit on your next trip to the Crump, TN Flea Market.   I will definitely be visiting again~!

They also deliver within 15 minutes of Crump, TN or will meet you half way~!

I have included some pictures of the food, one of the eating areas and the menu.   There are also a few coupons on the menu that you can use, over and over again.





TIM CRANE 731-607-0118

2 CRANES REALTY - 731-438-9196